Choral music has long been the focus of my compositional output. Over the years, I have been commissioned to compose dozens of works, many of which are now sung by choirs around the world in a variety of settings. The majority of these works are published on the Evoking Sound Choral Series by GIA Publications in Chicago (James Jordan, executive editor), with further individual works published by Walton Music (Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series) and G. Schirmer (Harold Rosenbaum Choral Series). I also own and operate my own publishing house, Hewitt Hill Music, which allows me to produce high quality scores in short order for digital download. All of the works available for direct purchase on this website are published by Hewitt Hill Music.

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Starlight: An Anthology of Works for Mixed Chorus | SATB, includes the following works:


A Child’s Requiem | SATB, children’s chorus, soprano solo, orchestra, 45’00”
Adam lay ybounden | SATB divisi, 3’30”
Alleluia | SATB divisi, 5’45”
Ave, maris stella | SATB divisi, soprano/tenor solos, 6’00”
Endless | SATB divisi, soloists, string quartet, percussion (4 players), 54’00”
Hail, gladdening Light | SATB, 2’30”
In Heaven, Hereafter | SATB divisi, mezzo-soprano solo, organ, 22’00”
Lux aeterna from A Child’s Requiem | SATB divisi, soprano solo, piano, 5’40”
Neither the Moon by Night | SATB, piano, 4’20”
Only a Voice | SATB, 4’30”
Salvator mundi | SATB, 3’40”
Vigil | SATB, piano, 5’00”
The Wexford Carol | SATB divisi, soprano soli, 4’10”"


All is Thus but Starlight Here | SATB, piano, 5’20” (Coming Soon)
Amid Such Snows | SATB divisi, 6’30”
As I Walk the Silent Earth | SATB divisi, 5’30”
The Dream I Knew | SATB divisi, 4’30”
The Dreams that Remain | SATB divisi, piano, 16’00”
The Ghost | SATB, 3’30”
The Gift to Sing | SSAAB, piano, 4’00”
I Eat Alone | SSAA, soloists, piano, 6’00”
If I Must Go | SATB divisi, soprano solo, 5’00”
The Immortal Memory | SATB, piano, opt. fiddle, 5’15”
In the Dark of the End | SATB, piano, 3’00”
In Silence from O Great Beyond | SATB divisi, soprano solo, 5’00”
I Shall Not Live in Vain | SATB divisi, piano, 5’00” | TTBB, piano, 5’00”
The Lake Isle of Innisfree | SATB divisi, soprano solo, 4’30”
The Last Letter | SATB divisi, baritone solo, fiddle,
Let My Words Be Fire | SATB, 3’00”
The Loam | SATB, 3’15”
O Great Beyond | SATB divisi, soprano solo, 13’00”
O Great River | SATB, 4’00”
Our Waking Souls | SATB divisi, piano, 6’00”
Phaenix alumna mortis | SATB divisi, solos, 4’10”
Return Again | SATB, piano, 3’45”
The Same Stream | SATB divisi, 3’30”
Starlight | SATB, piano, 4’30”
Songs of the Questioner | SATB divisi, piano, 16’00”
When You are Old | SATB, 3’30
White Stones | SATB, divisi, soprano/baritone solos, 6’30”


The following commercially available recordings feature many of the works listed above. Click images to learn more.