The Wexford Carol

SATB Div. w. Two Soprano Solos - duration c. 6'

Hewitt Hill Music

This setting of The Wexford Carol was commissioned by Jan Brodersen and the choirs of Marquette Senior High School and is dedicated to all the MSHS choirs from 1998 to 2019. Over the past fifteen years I have worked closely with Jan and her choirs on a number of commissions, premieres and performances of my music. As a former student of hers, I consider this special relationship one of the greatest of my professional and personal life, and I wish Mrs. Brodersen all good wishes as she enters the next chapter of her journey.

Performance Notes:

I chose to emulate the implied multiplicity found in the first line (“Good people all…”) using two and four-part canons, as well as other staggered entrances, counter-melodies and solos found throughout the arrangement. The location of the soloists will depend entirely on the performance venue, but ideally they should be located on either side of the audience or at the back of the hall. If there is a balcony that works well with the acoustic resonance of the space, the soloists may be placed above the audience as well.

The Wexford Carol
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