The creation of new music is at the center of my life and career as a composer. By commissioning me to compose a new work, you are not only engaging yourself, your ensemble and your audience in a memorable, collaborative experience; you are also granting me the means to continue pursuing my personal and professional calling as an artist. To date, I have collaborated with dozens of ensembles and individual performers; from youth ensembles to professional choirs like the BBC Singers, solo pianists to string orchestras - each commission I have completed has been as unique as the artist or ensemble that has taken part in the process.

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Commissioning is a great way to engage yourself or your ensemble in brand new music written by a living composer. In recent years, I have taken on many exciting commissions for a variety of solo and ensemble types; everything from children’s choirs to professional ensembles like the BBC Singers, to vocal soloists and oboists. This is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the job - writing new music for living, breathing humans and engaging with them on a personal level throughout the commissioning process. This is a truly collaborative endeavor that continues to surprise and challenge me. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me to begin a discussion.

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I have been approached by a number of individuals who have expressed interest in supporting my work as a composer but who also have no direct link to a musical artist or performing ensemble. I am pleased to announce that, new in 2019, I will be working to match private, individual donors with ensembles and performers in my ever-growing network who are eager to premiere new music. These special commissions can also be tailor-made to suit your needs; a gift for someone special in your life, a new work commissioned in memoriam, etc. Please contact me directly if you would like to be involved in this new endeavor - or, if you wish to remain anonymous, please fill out this form.


Past Commissions

Below is a sample list of works that have I have been commissioned to compose recently. This list is not exhaustive; nearly everything I have composed as of late has been commissioned. Please peruse my Choral and Instrumental pages to peruse the many works I have created on commission.

Our Waking Souls | Northern Michigan University Arts Chorale, Dr. Erin Colwitz
Tänka na véshu | Nancy Railey, pianist
In Heaven, Hereafter | Consortium of seven choirs in England, Scotland and the United States.
The Last Letter | Westminster Williamson Voices, Professor James Jordan
When You are Old | Mastersingers City of Palms Youth Choir, Mastersingers Chamber Chorus, Matt Koller
O Great Beyond | John Armitage Memorial (JAM), The BBC Singers, Nicholas Cleobury
Salvator mundi | Pennsbury High School Touring Choir, James D. Moyer
Ave, maris stella | The Chapel Choir of King's College, Aberdeen, Dr. David J. Smith
Jock and Jenny | Margaret Carlaw, for inclusion in the book Trees and Woodlands of Stichill Parish.  
Adam lay ybounden | The University of Aberdeen Chamber Choir, Professor Paul Mealor
A Child's Requiem | The Marquette Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Matthew Ludwig
When Daylight Came | Niall Anderson, baritone


In general I ask for six months to a year from the time of signing a contract to delivery of a commissioned piece of music, depending on the size of the ensemble and the length of the piece. However, this depends entirely on my current workload. If you have need of a quick turnaround on a commission, I urge you to contact me - it is entirely possible that I will be able to accommodate your needs!