Fanfare: Pereat Tristitia

Piano | Duration c. 2'30"

Hewitt Hill Music

This short fanfare for solo piano was commissioned to honour Margaret Carlaw at the University of Aberdeen graduation ceremony on the 20th of June 2017. At this ceremony, Margaret received the honorary degree of Master of the University of Aberdeen for her incredible record of support and encouragement given to the university and its students.

The second section of Fanfare: Pereat Tristitia quotes the hymn tune Gaudeamus Igitur, the anthem of the students at the University of Aberdeen. “Pereat tristitia,” a phrase from one of the verses of the tune, translates from the Latin as “let sadness perish,” a fitting sentiment for such a joyous occasion as honouring one of the university’s most generous benefactors.

Fanfare: Pereat Tristita
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