Songwriter and Guitarist

I often feel that if I didn't have my guitar I would lose myself. During this winding journey that has brought me to my current state of being a 'composer,' I also strive to maintain ties to my folk and popular music roots as well. I was shocked this year when at the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival - an annual event that I have been attending for over twenty years now - a request came from around the campfire for me to play one of my oldest songs, Inclined to Behave. I'm choosing to take this request as a sign that I need to invest more time and energy into my songwriting, which is exactly what I intend on doing soon. 

In my work, as in much of the music world, there exists a partition between 'art' music and 'popular' music. In the coming years I intend to break down this barrier in whatever way I can. As Joel Phillips, my composition teacher at Westminster, put it: "there are only two types of music - good music and bad music." I have some ideas for new music involving acoustic guitar and choir - if you are interested in commissioning a work such as this, please let me know at