Clinics and Conducting

One of my favorite parts of doing the work that I do is having the opportunity to travel and work with ensembles all over the world. These opportunities have brought me to many parts of the United States, as well as further afield in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Poland. If you would like to set up a clinic or concert with your ensemble, please email me for scheduling at 

Please note that all expenses (travel and lodging) must be paid during a trip. In some cases when a work has been commissioned in conjunction with an in-person clinic, these additional fees may not apply. 

Fee Schedule for Clinics and Conducting

In the Philadelphia area (day trip) - $150
Clinics or residencies elsewhere in the United States (up to five days, including travel time) - $500
Clinics or residencies elsewhere in the United States (five to ten days, including travel time) - $800
International clinics or residencies (up to seven days, including travel time) - $1000
International clinics or residencies (seven to twelve days, including travel time) - $1250
Conducting fee per concert - $350

Skype Clinics

Is your ensemble currently working on my music but an in-person clinic not in the cards? Not to worry! I'm more than willing to Skype into rehearsals anywhere in the world for the greatly reduced fee of $75. Please email me to set up a Skype clinic. 


“Working with Thomas LaVoy in the process of a commissioned piece of music was a fantastic experience for all of us at Pennsbury High School. Tom is a fantastic artist and a great spirit - he bonded with our staff and students which helped our kids make a ‘true connection’ to the composition and the process. I give him my highest recommendation!!” - James D. Moyer, conductor. 


“Thomas LaVoy is among the finest composers I’ve ever worked with. We were fortunate to have him present at Fort Myers High School for the world premiere of his piece, The Same Stream. It was perfect for my choir in every way, and they felt a deep connection to the text he chose to set. It was truly amazing to witness their minds and hearts open. Tom’s visit felt like we were welcoming home a brother. I am eternally grateful for the time he spent with us, and I hope we can do it again soon.” - Matt Koller, conductor. 


"Thomas LaVoy was the perfect choice as a composer-in-residence at the University of Central Missouri. His presentations on choral composition and arranging were engaging, motivating, and educational for the students, and his clinics with the choir were rewarding as he discussed his personal connection with the pieces we performed, and worked with the choir to fine-tune our performances. Most importantly, he made individual connections with the students outside of the classes and rehearsals; they enjoyed their interactions with him immensely.  Tom even made the "over-the-pond" trip to join us for a performance of one of his pieces at Carnegie Hall. His insights into the composition, and the sacrifices he made to be there made that performance particularly meaningful." - Alan Zabriskie, conductor. 



In 2016 I took part in this wonderful Skype clinic with Cory Wikan and the Centenary College Camerata when they were hard at work preparing for a performance run of my Songs of the Questioner.